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The Chrysalis Experience


...that you were born for an inspired and inspiring purpose.

...that all you needed to experience unimaginable levels of excellence, peace, power, passion, freedom, relatedness and joy was a new level of awareness.

...that all you needed to achieve this level of awareness was to answer simple questions that you had never thought to ask yourself.

...that all you needed to have a fulfilling experience of life was to be the person that you really are and not some better version of yourself.


Welcome To The Chrysalis Experience

Clyde E. Gumbs

Signature Talks

Clyde E. Gumbs is available for speaking engagements. Many of his talks are associated with his provocative Signature Poems. Each of his Signature Talks presents an apparent dilemma that a person is likely to confront in our culture and society. Each Signature Talk also presents an inspiring perspective from which the apparent dilemma can be transformed, transcended or resolved. Finally, each Signature Talk closes with the recitation of the Signature Poem that captures the essence of the talk.

The Signature Talks focus on the following opportunities:

* Relating to being a woman as an inspired calling.  Poem

* Relating to being a man as an inspired calling  Poem

* Relating to your work/career as an inspired calling  Poem

* Relating to life partnership as fulfilling purpose, potential and destiny  Poem

* Relating to being a parent as an inspired calling  Poem

* Living your life as an inspired calling and as if a life of unimaginable inspiration, excellence and fulfillment was your birthright  Poem


More About Transformational Talks

Keepsake Signature Poems

Keepsake Signature Poems

Keepsake Signature Poems

Within our library of inspirational/transformational poems, written by Clyde E. Gumbs, we have our collection of Signature Poems that are the basis for many of our speaking engagements, workshops and coaching conversations.

We offer the Signature Poems in keepsake formats (i.e. accordion books, collage cards, 13" x 19",  8.5" x 11" posters and 4" x 9" rack cards) that make extraordinary gifts and memorable momentos.

The Signature Poems include:

*  "I Was Born To Be Victorious"  View

*  "The Wise WomanView

*  "The Masterful ManView

*  "The Passionate ProfessionalView

*  "The Perfect Partner"  View

*  "The Purposeful Parent"  View


More About Keepsake Signature Poems

The Seven Seeds

Breakthrough Books
Books are one of the wonderful ways for people to be introduced to The Chrysalis Experience.  Our first book, The Seven Seeds, is an inspirational story about an old man, who is a classic demonstration of a person who has lived an inspired and inspiring life with a compelling sense of purpose and destiny.  Our second book, I Was Born To Be Victorious, is a simple and powerful transformational program that uses provactive statements and provocative questions as an access to inspiration, effectiveness, excellence, and fulfillment.  More

Compelling Coaching

Compelling Coaching


Coaching Conversations are an extraordinary opportunity to work with Clyde E. Gumbs, on a one-on-one basis.  Participants in these conversations engage in the life altering inquiries associated with The Chrysalis Experience.  The Inspired Destiny Series is comprised of three offerings that represent our core one-on-one coaching progam. These conversations clarify, simplify, empower and accelerate growth and development. They lead to unprecedented levels of inspiration, effectiveness, excellence and fulfillment.  More




More About Compelling Coaching

Organizational Excellence

Organizational Excellence
We conduct consulting engagements designed to assist organizations in accomplishing unprecedented levels of inspiration, effectiveness and excellence in fulfilling their purpose and potential.
We are particularly effective in transforming "collections of people that happen to be working together" into "inspired teams, comprised of inspired team members, fulfilling on inspiring visions." More


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